Come in and have a glass!


In the realm of wizards, normal civilians face panic, death and fear as politics start to brew a conflict similar to one every person has heard of: Grindelwald. This time it’s Death Eaters but, there is hope in the face of this. It comes in the form of the Order. Men and women. Aurors and civilians alike. It’s up to you to see through the schemes, traps and action as the days grow darker.

In the meanwhile, raise your glass. You’ll be needing it!

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I recommend if you’ve never been!

I’ve been a few times and loved it! 

My bro and sis-in-law live over there now, so it’s handy - I don’t need to pay for accommodation and flights are really cheap.

There’s so much to do there!

So true! I’ve been twice now, and both times saw completely different things. The only scary part is watching your money just disappear… WHERE DOES IT GO???